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Where are you from?

A frequently asked question you get as a backpacker.

Are you Dutch?
No, but thank you!
Are you German?
From Czech Republic?
What about Russian?
Are you Swedish?
Try again.
Norwegian or Finnish?
Getting closer!
Danish then?

It always takes som time for people to see where I am from. And I really don’t want to hear the reasons for the different guesses! Haha. Some are just more flattering than others, lets leave it at that.
The only person that ever had Danish as first choice was an American i briefly met in Ho Chi Minh City. When I asked, feeling flattered that he could see I am Danish, why he guessed that his answer was simply that I was clearly Scandinavian and therefore clearly Danish because they are “the broader people of Scandinavia”.


I stopped feeling flattered immediately. Thank you VERY MUCH for that comment. Stupid American! 😉
But I am still very proud of being Danish! Broader than other Scandinavians or not.

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